Black Butte Ranch Lodge: 2023 New Lodge Update!

For over 50 years, Black Butte Ranch has been a cherished destination for those seeking a rejuvenating escape in the heart of Central Oregon.

Nestled within a sprawling 1,800-acre ranch, this picturesque retreat offers a myriad of year-round activities, including world-class golf courses, a tranquil spa, bike trails, swimming pools, and so much more.

With a commitment to continuously enhance the guest experience, the resort has recently unveiled its latest addition: the magnificent Lodge Restaurant and Aspen Lounge.

While the Black Butte Lodge, located a short drive from the entrance on Hawks Beard Road, is part of the resort that caters to homeowners and guests staying at the ranch, the dining and event spaces here are open to the wider community.

Our family recently got to check out the new lodge, so we thought we’d share all the features of the development with you today.interior of new Black Butte Lodge from above

Discover the New Lodge at Black Butte Resort

Taking center stage in Black Butte’s latest updates, the Lodge Restaurant and Aspen Lounge bring a new level of Northwest luxury the resort.

Since its opening in May 2023, the new Lodge has already become the heart and soul of the resort. There you can enjoy a gourmet meal, a refreshing drink with friends and family, or simply marvel at the breathtaking views of the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mt. Washington.

New Black Butte Lodge exterior and panoramic mountain views with lake in background

The newly constructed 28,000-square-foot building spans two levels and has breathtaking panoramic views. A rustic design with charred wood cladding makes a unique exterior, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding natural beauty, while the interior showcases exposed wood structure and finishes.Black Butte Lodge interior stone fireplace

From the moment you step foot inside the lodge, you’ll feel an immediate connection to Central Oregon’s high desert and mountain landscape.

Lodge Dining

The ground floor houses the brand-new restaurant and bar, elevating Black Butte’s on-site dining options. Additionally, the lodge features a cozy fireside room, a private dining space, and a second-floor lounge where you can unwind and socialize.

The centerpiece of the Lodge is its restaurant: a relaxed yet upscale dining experience where nearly every table has spectacular views.

Chef Don McCradic leads the culinary team in creating dishes that highlight the best of locally sourced ingredients and flavors of the Northwest region.

Menu items include Oysters on the Half Shell, Ahi Tuna Poke, Roast Mary’s Chicken, and Alaskan Halibut. Vegetarian options like Spaghetti with cauliflower parmesan and Pappardelle Pasta with venison ragout cater to diverse preferences.Black Butte Lodge restaurant menu collage

The restaurant offers online reservations for parties of up to 8 people, while larger groups should call directly.

To enjoy the Central Oregon summer sunshine, you can take advantage of dining in the outdoor seating available on both levels of the Lodge. Venture to the second-floor Aspen Lounge deck, where an unrivaled panoramic vista awaits.

For those seeking an intimate luxury dining experience, the Lodge offers a second-floor private dining space complete with its own private deck Private parties can work with the chef to create a custom menu, perfect for hosting a special celebration or sharing a romantic evening.Aspen Lounge sports bar

Sports enthusiasts will love the Aspen Lounge Bar on the lodge’s second floor. View the summit of Black Butte while cheering on your favorite team with a beverage in hand.

The Lounge’s iconic art piece, a galloping herd of horses, was crafted by world-renowned woodworker, Skip Armstrong.wood sculpture

Black Butte Event Venues

The Lodge’s event spaces open up a world of possibilities for hosting reunions, family gatherings, meetings, or even weddings. Offerings include the newly added event space, meeting room, and state-of-the-art kitchen with a catering facility.

Black Butte event space venue

The Lodge’s flexible banquet and event spaces, along with the dedicated meeting room and bridal suite, offer ample room to create cherished memories. Additionally, the large exterior event deck provides the perfect backdrop for any occasion, affording stunning views of the surrounding meadows, lake, and majestic mountains.Lodge view

About the Lodge Construction

The original Black Butte Lodge was located on the same site for about 50 years. Not quite a remodel, the original was completely removed to make space for the new building. The new design takes some inspiration from the original Lodge and adds even more complements to the surrounding landscape.

The design of the new Lodge at Black Butte Resort was crafted by Hacker Architects, a prominent architectural firm with design studios in Bend and Portland.

The majority of the construction work was carried out by Kirby Nagelhout Construction, a company based in Bend. Collaborating closely with them was Walker Macy Landscape Architecture of Portland, who provided their expertise in landscape design. All three companies previously collaborated on the resort’s Lakeside Recreation Complex and General Store projects.

Together, they have created a Lodge that harmonizes with the natural beauty of Black Butte Resort.Lodge exterior with lawn and trees

The entrance door to the lodge is a testament to the main designer, Corey Martin’s craftsmanship, with both sides hand-carved and inspired by the region’s history. The exterior side features an abstract motif of the Three Sisters and a depiction of lava flowing from underground, erupting through the mountains.

On the interior side, an abstracted form of Black Butte is showcased, accompanied by a grove of Ponderosa trees that merge with the lodge’s design.

The exterior of the lodge is adorned with charred cedar siding, known as Shou Sugi Ban. Inside, the spaces have contrasting dark and light finished Douglas fir, slate and ceramic tiles, and fabrics that draw inspiration from woven Pendleton blankets.

The lodge’s open wood structure has impressive glue laminated beams, supported by large louvered screening elements. These are thoughtfully placed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding trunks of Ponderosa pines and Aspen trees.

At the heart of the lodge, a central fireplace constructed from stone replicates Central Oregon’s volcanic rock formations, showcased in a beautiful pattern.Black Butte Lodge fireplace

Preserving the natural beauty of the site was a priority during construction, with most trees being carefully protected. However, one large Ponderosa tree that needed to be removed was sustainably harvested to provide the wood used for crafting the restaurant and bar tables, as well as benches within the lodge’s interior spaces.

Staying at Black Butte Ranch, Oregon

You can read more about Black Butte resort, if it’s right for your vacation, and how it stacks up compared to others in our Central Oregon Resorts guide.

Check price and availability for vacation homes and lodge rooms at Black Butte Ranch on Booking.com and VRBO

Let us know if you’ve had a chance to experience the Black Butte Ranch Lodge and what you think of it in the comments below.

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